Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.
Users do not need to change their behavior in any way
Allow reply-to-all emails when the distribution is below a specified count
Require user confirmation when reply-to-emails are created with a distribution list above a specified count
Optionally prevent users from sending reply-to-all emails
OPlus is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows system administrators to set and enforce policies that prevent users from replying to all on emails with large distribution lists that flood the network, fill up server disk space and clutter inboxes. The limit can be set easily and can be changed per user if desired.

OPlus also allows system administrators to prevent users from using the default reply-to-all functionality in Microsoft Outlook. The reply-to-all toolbar button are still available and usable, but when it is clicked, the email generated will only be a reply to the sender, not a reply to the entire distribution list. This can be configured on a per user basis, allowing maximum flexibility with little effort.
  Force users to confirm that they want to send a reply to all when the distribution list will exceed a certain count  
  If the administratively configured count is not exceeded, users will be able to reply to all without issue  
  Allow Administrators to override reply to all to allow only reply functions (works with the reply to all button as well as the keyboard shortcuts)  
  Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook  
  Users do not need to change their current behavior in any way  
  Incident logging for audit and accountability tracking  
  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  
  Lifetime technical support  
  Tiered pricing to make it affordable for organizations of all sizes  
Outlook add-in to enhance reply-to-all functionality

Works with:

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook versions: 2007, 2010

Download and try OPlus now. Use the evaluation version to test the functions and configurations for free for 30 days. After 30 days, the OPlus functionality will display a single one-time message indicating that the trial period has expired after which the functionality will be disabled. When you purchase a licensed copy, you will have full and uninterrupted use of the software.

If you want to prevent the occurrence (or recurrence) of reply-to-all floods that can cripple your network and crash your severs, this is the software for you.

Current Version: 1.2.1